5 Steamy Ways to Heat Up Your Summer

5 Steamy Ways to Heat Up Your Summer

5 Steamy Ways to Heat Up Your Summer

And just like that, Summer is officially here. This year especially, Summer snuck up on us as a majority of us have been quarantined inside our homes for the last 3 months due to COVID-19. As restrictions lift, and Summer begins, we have a few ideas you will want to consider ensuring you have one of the steamiest summers yet!

#1 Experiment with Cooling Sensations

Nothing beats a refreshing iced drink or cool ice pop treat on a hot summer day, so bring that same pleasure into your sex life! Rub or drip one of these cooling treats over your partner for a magnificent cooling sensation. You can even try putting one of your non-battery powered sex toys into the freezer for a chilly twist to sex on a hot day.

#2 Rev Up the Road Head

If you are in the same boat we are, your Summer vacation has likely been canceled, postponed, or modified to exclude any air travel. So, bring on the ROAD TRIP! A road trip with your lover is the perfect opportunity to slip on down below viewing for some mid-day pleasure. Put on a little tingly lip balm or edible lubricant for added sensations.

Always remember, safety first!

#3 Subscribe to the Summer Box

Our Summer Subscription Box contains the perfect mix of sexy gifts and summer treats to turn up the heat in or out of the bedroom. Complete with a full-size vibrator, cat-eye sunglasses, bronze shimmer gel, and an assortment of to-go products, this subscription box will make your Summer hotter than ever before.

See what’s inside the Summer Box and subscribe today!

#4 Add a Few Good Vibrations

No Summer is complete without some good vibrations. No, we are not talking about the Beach Boys classic, but about adding vibrators to spice up your summer sex. Featured in our Summer Box, we have a classically styled Sweet Ice Cream Vibe that is perfect for any summer sexcapade.

#5 Keep Things Wet

Whether you are doing it in the pool, at the beach, or on a boat, lubrication is key. Ironically, sex underwater can wash away your body’s natural lubrication, so having some extra lube on hand is key. Our Summer Box features a few different seasonally inspired lubricants in a cute to-go bag for you to take on any of your sexcursions.

What other ways do you plan on spicing up your summer?

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