Pleasure Hunter


Unleash your adventurous spirit with the Pleasure Hunter vibe set.

Made of high-quality silicone, this three-vibe set contains a treasure-trove of attachments, preparing you for wherever your journey takes you.

The Rabbit

Delivers simultaneous stimulation to your clit and G-spot, and trust us, the combination is mind-blowing.

Twin Tip

This external stimulation vibe can be used for either clitoral or nipple stimulation.

Anal Beads

Use the Anal Beads attachment for… well, you know! While this may look intimidating, the 6 beaded anal vibe is sure to be equally, if not more, pleasurable.

Pleasure Hunter

The Pleasure Hunter attachment is the flashlight you need to explore your innermost desires. With 10 vibration modes, you can make bold discoveries and satisfy your quest for abundant bliss with Pleasure Hunter.

  • Charge fully before use.
  • Use with a water-based lubricant. Do not use silicone lubricants, massage oil, hand cream, cleaning agents, petroleum, or acetone as lubricants.
  • Wash toy after each use with water and mild soap or a specialty sex toy cleaner.
  • For personal use only.


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