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Meet the Spring Subscription Box

We are excited to announce that our quarterly sex toy subscription box is now available! This vision has been long in the making for Like A Kitten and we’re so thrilled the day has finally arrived to share it with our loyal community.

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5 Sexual Fantasies to Embrace This Valentine’s Day

Let us begin by saying that everyone has sexual fantasies. Some may feel a little bashful in communicating their fantasies to their partners, but every fantasy is normal. It’s time we start shifting our thought process when it comes to communicating our sexual fantasies and be more open about normalizing the conversation.

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Coming March 2020: Like A Kitten Sex Toy Subscription Boxes

Our seasonal sex toy subscription boxes will include a curated selection of sex toys, lubricants, and accessories to stimulate your deepest desires and appetite for exploration. When you signup to receive a Like A Kitten subscription box, we will send you everything you need to achieve new heights of sexual pleasure every quarter.

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What Customers Are Saying About LAK

Like A Kitten was established earlier this year and already we’ve built a community of over 45,000 amazing goddesses. We can’t thank our early adopters enough for following us and our journey towards beautifully empowered sexuality.

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5 Ways to Survive a Breakup

Breakups, divorces, separations… These words reek of anxiety, doubt, and hurt. Whether a short-term affair or a long-term marriage, we understand the pain these life events can cause. What’s important to understand is how to move on.