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5 Reasons Why Libra is the Most Desirable Zodiac

A Libran woman is a true charmer and friendly with almost anyone she meets. Her kindness, patients and wittiness are a true testament to this air sign. Should conflict arise, she will be more concerned with smoothing the situation over versus telling you to step off as her politeness and charisma can sometimes hinder her ability to be honest or outspoken in certain situations.

10 ways to empower other women (25)
Get Back to Basics with the Fall Box

School is back in session with our latest subscription box! The Fall Box is a great reminder that we all need to start somewhere. Whether you’re a young woman experimenting with your body for the first time or a mature female looking to satisfy her libido, the Fall Box has something for everyone.

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3 Surprising Ways to Please a Virgo Woman

Virgo women really are the jack of all trades. Besides being a perfectionist, Virgo women are wise, witty, independent, intelligent, and near the perfect human. But underneath their perfect exterior lies a prominent primal side ready to play.

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4 New Vibes to Empower Your Inner Sex Kitten

Are you looking for new ways to embrace your sexuality? Maybe you’re in a sexual rut and you need a little help breaking through? Perhaps it’s been years since you bought your first sex toy and you want to try something new?

Look no further!

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7 Reasons Leo Women Make the Best Intimate Partners

Leo is a fire sign represented by the king of the jungle, the Lion or Lioness for our ladies. Ruled by the sun, this zodiac sign urges lionesses to pursue their pleasure, wherever it takes them. Their fiery personalities can come across as egotistical, but they are warm, passionate, and charismatic at heart.

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6 Intimate Qualities of a Cancerian Woman

It is no coincidence Cancer season begins on the first day of Summer this year. Fresh blue waters, warm nights under the moonlight, and “crab-like” features represent this zodiac sign perfectly. But, what intimate qualities makeup a Cancerian woman’s sexual spirit?