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Let's Get Lucky

Let's Get Lucky

“You ever had an orgasm so intense you almost rip the sink off the wall, pee yourself, and pass out at the same time? Well, you can with this little guy, I tell you what. Works really well, 10/10 would recommend, definitely will be your new best friend.” -Stephanie, Natalie’s Toy Box Lucky Duck Owner

This March, “Get Lucky” with Like A Kitten, where pleasure meets empowerment! Just like the catchy beats of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” we’re here to make sure your month is filled with excitement and satisfaction. Get into the rhythm of your sensuality; we believe in embracing pleasure without compromise. So, why leave it all to chance? Dive into a month of delightful surprises with Like A Kitten – where luck meets love, and every moment is an opportunity to feel fabulous!

It’s only fitting we highlight one of our favorite toys from Natalie’s Toy Box – our Lucky Duck! Lucky Duck is the coolest duck in the pond that just might have you “up all night (to get lucky!)”

Lucky Duck is a suction stimulator targeted for clitoral and nipple play. Enhance your orgasm with the Lucky Duck’s sucking mouth skills as you get simulated oral! Crafted with the best silicone material, this toy features seven suction intensities for various play possibilities! The powerful, yet whisper- quiet motor, makes the Lucky Duck great for discreet playtime.

Now, don’t just trust us – let’s hear from some additional lucky (duck) fans:

This is the cutest sex toy you’ll ever buy
As cute as this is, the question is does it do what it promises? I can honestly tell you that this product sucks. Get it? lol… Seriously, though… the suction varies from barely there to… well, the phrase “suck the chrome off a trailer hitch” comes to mind. -Derek

This Lucky Duck is Really Quackers
You know how Bert is always singing about his rubber ducky being the one making bath time so fun, well I get it now and you can too. Don’t judge this toy by its size, what it’s capable of is quite surprising and covers a very wide range of sucking motion. -Baron

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