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Burning Questions Answered

Burning Questions Answered

We’ve all heard the saying “new year, new you.” Achieving that goal might be challenging, but you can start the new year by getting answers to some of the most common questions about sex toys and vibrators. This could unlock a year filled with pleasure and a wealth of sexual knowledge.

Asking questions about masturbation, vibrators, and sex, in general, can be intimidating. However, it’s 2024, so fear no more! We’re here to tackle those hard (no pun intended) yet juicy questions!

Is it wrong to use a vibrator while in a relationship? Absolutely not! Using a vibrator doesn’t mean you care any less for your partner. Remove that fear from your mind. Masturbation allows you to discover how your body best experiences pleasure. So, grab a vibrator and explore what makes you ecstatic. You might even bring the vibrator into the bedroom with your partner—these situations don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

How much is too much? The truth is, everyone has a different libido! Whether it’s occasional, every other day, once a month, or never at all, there’s no right answer because everyone has unique needs. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your personal life, masturbation is both healthy and normal!

Do I need to clean my vibrator? Absolutely, yes! Most vibrators can be cleaned with warm water and mild antibacterial soap. Cleaning your vibrator, even if you’re the sole user, is crucial. Nobody wants an STI or a UTI, so cleaning it after use ensures a safer and more pleasurable experience!

Is it strange or offensive to tell my partner I only orgasm with a vibrator? Not at all! Discussing this with your partner demonstrates trust and care. Pleasure is a two-way street in relationships. Communicating what brings you the most satisfaction and brings you to orgasm, even if it involves a toy, is vital. If a vibrator enhances your pleasure, go ahead and use it!

There are always more questions, but we hope these answers address some of the main ones, ensuring that your 2024 starts off in the best and most pleasurable way possible!

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