7 Reasons Leo Women Make the Best Intimate Partners

7 Reasons Leo Women Make the Best Intimate Partners

7 Reasons Leo Women Make the Best Intimate Partners

“A lioness does not need to roar to keep the crowd in awe.” – African Proverb

This quote could not ring truer to the nature of a Leo. Leo is a fire sign represented by the king of the jungle, the Lion or Lioness for our ladies. Ruled by the sun, this zodiac sign urges lionesses to pursue their pleasure, wherever it takes them. Their fiery personalities can come across as egotistical, but they are warm, passionate, and charismatic at heart.

#1 Always Hungry for More

When a Leo woman finds something she likes, she craves more. They will always be hungry for new experiences, sexually, intellectually, and physically. She may have expensive, luxurious tastes but this will only add to the charm of this fire sign. Due to their bold nature, Leos are not shy people, so asking them to experience something new will almost always be responded to with a resounding “YES”.

#2 Beast in the Sheets

While missionary is great, Leos love to be a little more animalistic between the sheets. Represented by the lion, this zodiac sign will never let you forget that. With their aggressive nature, Leos will definitely show up for their partner in bed, so don’t be afraid to get tossed around a bit.

#3 Give What They Get

Leos love to be pleasured, but love pleasuring their partners just as much. However, don’t expect them to do all the work for you. Giving her your best effort will only result in positive outcomes for you.

#4 No Awkward Moments Here

Leo’s bold nature allows them to not get too caught up in what people think about them. While this may come across narcissistic to some, you won’t receive any mixed signals from these courageous creatures. When it comes to sex, Leos will let you know how you performed so there are no secrets or apprehensions to your bedroom execution! Sometimes she can come across harsh, but just let her know and she’ll find a better way to communicate her truths with you.

#5 Regal Aura

Lions portray regal elegance with a shroud of mystery and a Leo is just the same. Her regal aura will make anyone in her presence more humble. While their confidence and bold nature are attractive, they may take a little while to reveal herself until she completely trusts the person she is with.

Confident women are sexy women and there is no short of confidence or regality with a Leo.

#6 In Favor of Mutual Stimulation

If you want to be deeply connected with the Leo in your life, mutual masturbation is an idea to bring up. This form of intimacy will break down any walls or barriers impacting your relationship as you explore precisely how they want to be pleasured. Leos are not afraid to tell you exactly what they want so just listen and act on it.  

#7 Hear Her Roar

Leos are LOUD lovers. Not only are their personalities bold and powerful, they bring this same volume between the sheets. When her fantasies are fulfilled, she will scream with pleasure! Being “queen” of the jungle allows for a little noise, don’t you think?

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