6 Intimate Qualities of a Cancerian Woman

6 Intimate Qualities of a Cancerian Woman

6 Intimate Qualities of a Cancerian Woman

It is no coincidence Cancer season begins on the first day of Summer this year. Fresh blue waters, warm nights under the moonlight, and “crab-like” features represent this zodiac sign perfectly. But, what intimate qualities makeup a Cancerian woman’s sexual spirit?

Cancer is a water sign represented by the tenacious crab and although they may have a hard exterior, they are greatly represented by their warm, gentle nature. Below are six tried and true intimate qualities of a typical Cancerian woman.

#1 Slow and Steady

Cancerian women are slow, sensual lovers who are not eager to rush to orgasm. They may begin their relationships with a tough, shy exterior, but once they open up, they will cling to you for dear life. Crabs are known for hugging their lovers from hours to days before they mate and a Cancerian woman would be fine doing just that. They enjoy all aspects of touching their lover, so starting with a massage or intimate cuddle session is best.

#2 Keep It Cozy

Women of this water sign are homebodies. They are perfectly happy cuddling up in bed for 24 hours as long as there is enough food to keep their stomachs happy. If you do take this water sign out and about, make sure it is a quaint, intimate setting. Large festivals and other crowded events are not their styles. They love to have sex in their own home, so hop in the bed or settle up on a comfy couch.

#3 Shine Bright Under the Moonlight

The Cancer zodiac is ruled by the moon. The moon changes every two and a half days and a Cancerian woman’s’ mood is reflected in the same light. It will always be a balancing act to maintain even emotions, but that is what makes this water sign so enticing. They will enlighten you with deep, meaningful conversations with a focus on romance. Because this zodiac sign is ruled by the moon, Cancerian women will swoon with a romantic date or intimate walk under the moonlight.

#4 Motherly Touch

Now, this trait may not be an “intimate” one, but it certainly does play into the true character of a Cancerian woman. This sign is associated with mothering so having a family will be one of their top priorities in life. These women want to make sure you made it home safe, ensure you are okay, and will always check on you for a little reassurance that you are there for them just as they will be there for you.

#5 Stick to the Classics

You will not find many Cancerian women that enjoy BDSM or other kinky play. These ladies love a good classic. Missionary and doggy are some of their go-to’s, but with that said, they do not mind a little experimentation. Aptly represented by a symbol that looks like 69, Cancerian women are oral lovers and are aroused by having their breasts and stomached kissed.

#6 Visuals & Scents Are Key

This sign loves a good view. Whether that is the bright light from a full moon or a full-on striptease show from their lover. They will be overjoyed to receive a tantalizing photo or video text to keep them coming back for more. This water sign also has an acute sense of smell. Having fresh flowers in the home or catching a waft of a delicious cologne/perfume will bring joy to their senses. A pheromone spray is also a great alternative!

Cancerian women are truly one of a kind and to keep them satisfied time and time again, our Cancer Birthday Box will be perfect for opening up their soft, sexual side so they will be pleased for birthdays to come. Happy birthday, Cancer ladies!

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