Women are powerful creatures.

Some of us just don’t know it.  Our goal at Like A Kitten is to help women own their power in all areas of their lives, but with a particular focus on sexuality.  We want women to become comfortable exploring their sexual nature – erase the stigmas, the secrecy, the taboos, and become more vocal about what they want, need and expect as sexual beings.  Our mission is to help women open up and push the boundaries – whether those boundaries are imposed by self, media, or culture.

It has been said that more than 50 percent of women never reach orgasm through intercourse alone. We want women to change their thinking when it comes to orgasming and EXPECT to orgasm with the help of toys and other techniques, either with a partner or solo, versus hoping it’ll happen through “traditional” means. Every woman deserves to know how amazing orgasms feel. EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN.

Not all households represent an open, sex positive environment, but with our selection of standalone and subscription boxes we hope that more women can become more comfortable in having these conversations with whom it matters most. Masturbation is not something that should be shamed or looked down upon. Rather, it is a vital part of any woman’s self-care and path to their true self.

When it comes to masturbation there are several benefits that outweigh any stigma or opinion cast by others. What matters most is how YOU feel. Like A Kitten wants to help you explore your sexuality and lust for pleasure with our subscription and standalone sex toy boxes. These subscription boxes will be focused on women but can certainly be enjoyed as a couple as well. Help us grow our movement in #mainstreamingmasturbation. Shop now!

LAK is here to encourage you to discover, pamper, love and explore your true self through both sexual and non-sexual means, and it all starts with YOU. We cannot wait to share what we have in store!

Why Like a Kitten

Our name and our pin-up style gives a nod to the style popularized in the Second World War, when women began expressing and finding pleasure in their sexuality and positive body image.

From our pin-up model style to seductive toys and products made for women, by women, you’re guaranteed to release your inner sex kitten. The term sex kitten, for us, is a play on words. Kittens are animals who love to explore and make their own rules. Kittens also purr, and our toy selections mimic this euphoric sound.

Together we will help you feel empowered and confident to follow your own sexual desires and personality. There is no shame when it comes to our bodies, our gender, or asserting our female power. Confidence is sexy in and out of the bedroom.

Thank you for being part of our movement in #beautifullyempoweredsexuality

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A percentage of Like A Kitten profits support charities offering funding and support to underserved schools, students, and their families, worldwide. Like a Kitten’s primary pillars are to support education and women’s healthcare and empowerment.

Based in the United States, Like a Kitten engages and informs individuals in the US not only on the great need for education and healthcare in underserved areas of the world, but also on the great beauty and accomplishments of the rural communities, cultures and lands.