Love Subscription Boxes? Meet Your New Favorite!

Love Subscription Boxes? Meet Your New Favorite!

Love Subscription Boxes? Meet Your New Favorite!

The subscription box craze has grown immensely over the last few years. With so many options available, you can get a subscription box for almost anything. From clothing, alcohol, jewelry, diapers, and more subscription boxes provide convenience and allow consumers to try products they may have never come across before.

As a company that strives to embrace female sexuality, we knew we needed to offer a subscription box to help further female empowerment and promote sex positivity. As Monica says in the popular TV series, Friends, women have 7 basic erogenous zones, and we want to help women explore each and every one with or without a partner.

Female sexuality has always been somewhat of a taboo. Male sexuality is widely normalized and idealized throughout history, in TV shows, and movies but combine that with female sexuality and suddenly moral issues and stigmas come out. Historically, women have been treated as property versus individuals who are free to make their own decisions and path in life. Women are sexual creatures just as much as men and it’s important to not punish or degrade them for being so.

Women have been attempting to push the boundaries created by the male ego for decades. We at LAK are doing our part to help further this along with our sex positive messaging and products made for women, by women. Each quarter we will announce a new subscription box tailored to the changing seasons. For just $69 4x per year, you can receive over $200 in product with each subscription box that will feature items such as sex toys, lubricants, accessories, and clothing.

Through July 31, you can subscribe to The Summer Box! When it comes to backyard parties and vacations, summer may look a little bit different this year. Take some time to embrace this season and focus on your own happiness with the Summer Box.  This box includes two vibrators, travel-sized products in a cute to-go pouch, pheromone shave cream, sunglasses, and a few products to keep up your summer glow.

Coming September 2020, we will be announcing our third subscription box release. Any guesses as to what will be inside?

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