3 Ways Like A Kitten is Mainstreaming Masturbation

Masturbation is not something that is widely spoken about in a public forum, but why the heck not?

3 Ways Like A Kitten is Mainstreaming Masturbation

3 Ways Like A Kitten is Mainstreaming Masturbation

Simply Having the Conversation

Masturbation is not something that is widely spoken about in a public forum, but why the heck not? Like A Kitten has spent the last year elaborating on our mission in #mainstreamingmasturbation for all women through our social media channels, blogs, and products. Masturbation is not something to be shamed or stigmatized, rather it should be celebrated and praised! Your sexuality is your own and if there are those who don’t approve, it shouldn’t discourage you from acting out your natural desires.

At the least, masturbation should be talked about with significant others and friends. While we’re blasting our sex positive and empowering message online, sharing your experiences with those closest to you can help improve technique and bring new inspiration into the way you spend your “personal time”.

Innovative Sex Toy Boxes

Since launching Like A Kitten, we’ve released a variety of sex toy box options for any occasion. From our Breakup Box and Birthday Boxes to our very own quarterly Subscription Box, we have a box for you! We even developed an exclusive Quarantine Box to keep those hands busy and pleasure satisfied when spending all your time at home. The Quarantine Box was our first fully customizable box in our collection!

Every box developed by the Like A Kitten team is carefully curated with the theme and woman in mind. From deliciously flavored lubricants, vibrating toys, self-care items, clothing and accessories and more our boxes are sure to give you something new you can enjoy.

Each year we will release our quarterly subscription boxes in addition to a number of single boxes that can be purchased for a variety of occasions. Stay tuned to the next couple months to see what we will release next!

Sexually Empowering Education

What does sexual empowerment mean to you? To Like A Kitten, sexual empowerment means being free of stigmas and shame as it pertains to your sex life and embracing your sexual desires when they arise. We work to communicate more sexually empowered messages to our fans and followers to help enlighten them of their true sexual potential.

Understanding your sexuality has its challenges and questions that come along with it. There will be plenty of trial and error with knowing who you are, what you enjoy, and how you manage your own and other’s desires.

When pondering your own sexual empowerment, remember to do things that make you feel good and comfortable. What you may be into versus another could vary greatly, but if you’re enjoying it, who’s to say you’re wrong for doing so?

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